How to edit the account level Scheduled Reports email template

Now that you have set up Scheduled Reports in Lifecycle Manager, it's time to add a personal touch to these communications. Customizing the email templates for Scheduled Reports ensures your reports are professional and aligned with your organization's branding.

Lifecycle Manager allows you to edit Scheduled Reports email templates at both the account and client levels. This article focuses on editing these templates at the account level. It’s important to note that any changes made at this level will apply globally to all clients.

You must have Administrator privileges or Manage Basic Settings permissions to edit the Scheduled Reports email template. This ensures that only authorized personnel can change all client communications.

Steps to Edit Account-Level Scheduled Reports Email Templates

  1. Access Account Settings:
    1. Click on the gear icon to navigate to Account Settings.
  2. Select Scheduled Reports:
    1. Click on the Scheduled Reports menu option.
  3. Editable Fields:
    1. Reply-To Address:
      1. This is the address where all replies to the Scheduled Reports will be sent. You can select from a list of account members.
  4. Using Template Variables:
    1. Enhance your email template by incorporating template variables. These can be used in both the Subject and Body fields to include dynamic content specific to each client automatically.

Saved settings apply to all your customers - When you click Save Settings, the Scheduled Report email template settings are global, meaning they apply to all clients. You can modify these account-level settings by heading to Settings Scheduled Reports.

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