How to manage your team’s permissions

This article describes the process of setting different permission levels for member accounts in Lifecycle Manager.

What permissions do my team members need?

In Lifecycle Manager, specific functions can be made available depending on each team member's role. To align their responsibilities, they must have access to the right Lifecycle Manager features. You can accomplish this by assigning one or more of the following permissions.

For example, the member responsible for adding/updating integrations will not be able to add any of Lifecycle Manager's supported integrations if they don’t have the Manage sync settings permission.

All Lifecycle Manager members have basic permissions enabled by default. Basic permissions cannot be disabled.

Permissions reference

Member permission

Available features

Ideal for: All members in your Lifecycle Manager account.

- Access hardware/software data

- View warranty coverage

- Download Hardware lifecycle reports

- Manage Roadmaps, Scorecards, and Initiatives

Manage Basic Settings
Ideal for: Account Managers, Sales Team members, and roles responsible for updating your branding and report settings in Lifecycle Manager.

- Manage account and per-client settings

- Modify hardware replacement and warranty coverage settings

- Set company branding on reports

- Change scheduled reports

Manage Sync Settings
Ideal for: Technicians and roles responsible for managing your integrations.

- Manually run a sync

- Manage and archive sync issues

- Manage and view integrations

- Link/rename client

Place Orders & Manage Billing
Ideal for: Finance Team members, Account Managers, Sales Team members, and roles who require access to viewing warranty information, purchasing warranties, accessing invoice history, and placing IT asset disposal orders.

- Manage billing information

- View subscription and warranty invoices

- View warranty coverage cards and orders

- Purchase ScalePad Warranties

- Place IT asset disposal orders

Ideal for: Company owners, Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Service Managers, and roles who require the ability to add and/or remove members in Lifecycle Manager.

- Invite and remove members

- Manage member permissions

- Send password and MFA reset emails

- Set MFA requirements

- Place IT asset disposal orders

- Everything previously listed

How to edit member permissions

If you're an account administrator for your organization, you can edit existing member permissions and set them for new members.

To edit the role/permissions of an existing member:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Members

  2. Select the member account to edit

  3. Select the appropriate member permissions checkboxes

  4. Click the Save member button

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