Approving and sharing initiatives

There is no draft or published states of initiatives -- the state of any Initiative will either be "unapproved" or "approved". As long as clients are given access to the proposal link, they are always able to view initiatives. Whenever changes are made to an Initiative, they will be reflected on the proposal side as soon as possible.

Previewing a proposal

When you are ready to view your proposal, click the Preview button. Your initiative opens in a separate tab for you to view exactly what your client will receive. Using this feature, you can continue editing the proposal until you're satisfied with it.

Sharing a proposal with a client

Once an Initiative is complete to your satisfaction and you are ready to send the Initiative to your client, click the Share with client button.

Sharing initiatives with clients

There are two available methods to share a Proposal.

  1. Attach link to a message - You can send your client a link to the proposal through ScalePad Lifecycle Manager.

    1. Complete the recipient information and draft an email along with the auto-populated link to the proposal and click Send to client.

  2. Copy link - You can copy a public link directly to the proposal to your clipboard and share it with your client using an alternative method.

Client access to a shared proposal

After your proposal has been shared, a client will be able to access it via the shared link. After the initiative link was shared, any further updates to the initiative are visible the next time the client views the proposal. Initiatives in an Approved state can still be updated without having to change the Initiative state to Unapproved.

What does a client see?

When a proposal email is received by a client, they see all the contents of the initiative broken down by assets to be actioned on and a further breakdown of the potential investment required. In the executive summary, the benefits of the initiative are clearly outlined.

The client has only one option when viewing the proposal. They can approve the initiative or leave the initiative as unapproved. Once a proposal has been approved or unapproved, you are notified through the platform of your client’s decision.

Marking a proposal approved on behalf of a client

No process is perfectly linear and Lifecycle Manager recognizes this. Proposals are sent and follow-up calls/meetings with clients are held where the proposals are discussed. In these meetings, you may receive a verbal commitment for the actions you've proposed. Rather than requiring your client to navigate back to the proposal to approve the initiative, you can approve the initiative on the client's behalf.

Here's how to do that:

  • In the Status section of the Initiative header, click the Approved/Not approved button to change the approval status.

Mark proposal as approved - Once a proposal has been approved, it can still be edited in the Approved state without the requirement to change the state to Unapproved.

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