What data is collected for SAM

Software asset management (SAM) plays a critical role in ensuring that your software infrastructure is up-to-date and efficiently managed. For MSPs using Lifecycle Manager, understanding what software data is collected is key to leveraging the platform’s capabilities. This article walks you through the types of software information collected by Lifecycle Manager and how this data is utilized to enhance your software management processes.

Lifecycle Manager simplifies the process of software asset management by collecting specific data points essential for accurate reporting and version tracking. This data is gathered from your integrations, providing a comprehensive view of the software landscape without complicating the process.

Key data points collected

The effectiveness of SAM in Lifecycle Manager is based on the collection of several critical software data points:

  • Device Name:
    • Acts as the unique identifier for each asset within your IT infrastructure. 
  • Product Name:
    • Identifies the software asset. This is crucial for tracking installations across different devices and ensuring the software inventory is current.
  • Publisher:
    • Indicates the software vendor. This information is used to manage licenses and compliance.
  • Build Version:
    • Records the version number of the software. This is essential for version control, ensuring compatibility between different software and hardware components, and planning for upgrades.

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