Viewing hardware & software data side-by-side

Use our Hardware and Software tabs to view the respective data at the asset level. We've reduced the effort needed to see what you need to know, so you can make any necessary decisions and continue with your day.

When you click into an asset, you'll be able to view all hardware or all software data on it, simply by clicking either the Hardware or Software tab.

How to get there

Follow along with these steps, using the assets in your ScalePad Lifecycle Manager account.

1. Navigate to your Hardware or Software page

In this example, we're navigating to our Software page.

2. Click into an asset, and view its first set of data

We're clicking into the cd-OnePanda.ef hardware asset, bringing us into its Hardware tab.

  • You can view its hardware summary, use our In-app edit feature, or renew warranty coverage from the Hardware tab

3. Click into the Software tab to view its other set of data

In this example, we're already on the Hardware tab, so we've clicked into the Software tab.

No software products are installed on the asset - If no software assets are visible on a hardware asset, see No software products are installed on this asset for additional information.

4. Click into a software asset to view its details

Click into any of the software assets to view which integration(s) are responsible for syncing that data into your account

  • In this example, we've clicked into Microsoft Office

No software products included in our database are installed on this asset

You may run into a situation where no software assets are visible on a hardware asset. Several reasons why no software assets are visible are outlined below:

  • You need a supported RMM integration with the credentials to view the appropriate data.

  • Software Asset Management may not currently support the software on this device.

If you want to manage software for this device, you should integrate a supported RMM and sync your software assets. Supported RMM's are identified in Introduction to Software Asset Management.

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