Requesting Lifecycle Manager IP Allowlist

This article explains how to contact the Lifecycle Manager Partner Support team to get the hostname and IP addresses we use to sync information with your connected integrations. This information can be used by partners who want to limit access to their on-premises servers by allowlisting the hostname or IP addresses in their firewall or SaaS applications.

This article does not contain the Lifecycle Manager hostname or IP addresses for allowlisting, only instructions on how to contact our Support team to obtain them.

Request the Lifecycle Manager IP Allowlist through support:

IP Allowlisting, Explained

IP allowlisting is a commonly used security feature that allows you to determine exactly who can access specific resources. With allowlisting, you simply create a list of approved IP addresses, and only those addresses (or ranges) can access your resources.

Lifecycle Manager IP Allowlist

Our Partner Support team will provide you with the Lifecycle Manager hostname that resolves multiple IP addresses currently in use by our sync servers. These are subject to change without notice.

We recommend that you use the hostname for your firewall or SaaS application entries rather than individual IP addresses, and not override the DNS TTL using a locally enforced cache duration.

If it is not possible to allowlist using a hostname, you can get our list of sync server IP addresses by running the command below followed by the Lifecycle Manager hostname.

Windows Command Prompt or macOS/Linux Terminal: nslookup


IP allowlisting was formerly referred to as IP whitelisting.