Viewing forecasted assets within Insights

Lifecycle Manager's feature of forecasting assets within Insights offers a strategic approach to anticipating compliance issues before they become problematic. This article explains how to use forecasted insights to enhance your asset management strategy, ensuring you are well-prepared for upcoming challenges.

Forecasted insights allow you to look ahead and identify assets that, while currently compliant, are predicted to fall out of compliance within a specified timeframe (up to 120 days). This capability helps plan necessary interventions, such as upgrades, replacements, or maintenance, to avoid potential disruptions.

Accessing forecasted Insights

To begin utilizing forecasted insights:

  1. Navigate to the Clients console:
    1. Click on Clients from the Top Menu to access the console where all your managed clients are listed.
  2. Select a client:
    1. Choose the client for whom you want to review detailed insights by clicking into their specific entry on the Client console.
  3. Access Insights:
    1. From the Client dashboard, click into the predefined insights available. This could include insights related to hardware health, software updates, or any other critical areas.
  4. Viewing forecasted assets:
    1. Inside the insight console, alongside the standard list of assets, you'll also see those predicted to become non-compliant with the insight’s rules within up to 120 days.

Understanding forecasted asset displays

The insight console displays assets in two primary formats:

  1. Current non-compliant assets:
    1. These are assets currently not complying with an insight's rule, such as "Slow workstations" indicating workstations over 5 years old.
  2. Forecasted non-compliant assets:
    1. The console also shows assets that will soon meet the criteria for non-compliance. For example, it can display workstations that will age past 5 years within 30, 60, 90, or 120 days.

​​For example, the following image captures a time-based insight that shows 60 assets that comply with the insight rule “Slow workstations” (workstations that are over 5 years old). The Purchased column shows every asset’s age (over 5 years). The screen image shows only 4 of the 60 assets.

Example of utilizing forecasted Insights

Consider an insight focused on "Slow workstations." Lifecycle Manager can provide several layers of forecasting:

  • Immediate forecast (30 days out): Identifies assets that will imminently become non-compliant, allowing you to plan short-term actions.
  • Extended forecast (up to 120 days out): Offers a longer view to prepare for more strategic or extensive interventions.


Filtering forecasted assets

You can refine the insight view using the Forecast filter to focus on specific timeframes:

    • Now: Shows assets currently non-compliant.
    • 30 days: Includes assets becoming non-compliant within the next 30 days.
    • 60, 90, 120 days: Extends the forecast to longer periods as needed.

Actionable steps with forecasted assets

  1. Identify assets needing action:
    1. Determine which assets are not yet part of any initiative but will soon require one based on their forecasted status.
  2. Adding assets to Initiatives:
    1. From the insights, select assets forecasted to fall out of compliance and add them to initiatives directly from the console.
  3. Planning for no visible forecasted assets:
    1. If no forecasted assets are visible, it may be due to them being outside the specified forecast range or the insight being non-time-based. Adjust your filters or check the insight configuration to ensure accuracy.

The asset list shows there are now only 30 assets available to be actioned on. 35 assets of the initial Insight already ‘have an action plan”. The asset list includes five assets that will comply with the insight rule "Slow workstations" (workstations over 5 years old) within 120 days.

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