Configuring Client Warranty Coverage Settings

Configuring warranty coverage settings for each of your managed clients ensures that their specific preferences and needs are met. This article explains how to tailor warranty coverage settings to each client. Customizing warranty coverage settings at the client level means:

  • Efficiency: You'll only need to adjust your warranty coverage settings once, and they'll apply to every cart for that client.
  • Client Preferences: If a client has specific preferences for when they'd like to renew their coverage, you can specify those in their due soon settings.

Accessing Warranty Settings

To begin configuring settings for a specific client:

  1. Navigate to the Client Dashboard: Access the client's dashboard where you want to customize settings.
  2. Click Settings > Warranty: This will open the warranty coverage settings specific to the client.

If you prefer to apply the same settings to all clients, click the Warranty coverage settings for all clients button. For more details, see the article on How to adjust your warranty coverage settings for additional information.

Enabling Custom Warranty Coverage Settings

  1. Turn on Custom Cart Settings: Use the toggle switch to enable custom cart settings for this client.
  2. Set Client-Specific Settings: For each hardware asset type, configure the following:
    1. Markup Percentage: Define the markup percentage for warranty coverage.
    2. Coverage Length: Specify the duration of the warranty coverage.
    3. Service-Level Agreement Option: Choose the service level agreement that applies.
    4. Co-termination: Decide if the warranties should co-terminate.

Configuring Due soon for warranty coverage

  1. Enable Due Soon Settings: Use the toggle switch to turn on custom due soon settings for this client.
  2. Set the Due Soon Threshold: Define the number of days before the hardware assets' expiration date to be marked as “due soon” for warranty coverage. This ensures timely renewals and avoids lapses in coverage. Options include:
    1. 90 days
    2. 120 days
    3. 180 days
    4. 1 year

The Due soon for warranty coverage is reflected in Covered Assets. Only assets expiring with a ScalePad warranty will show up within the number of days specified.

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