Configuring Lifecycle Manager for Each Managed Client

Setting up Lifecycle Manager for your clients ensures their IT infrastructure is tailored to their needs. This article walks you through the steps to customize hardware replacement values, maximum replacement age, and warranty coverage options to generate accurate reports on how your clients operate their businesses.

Client settings are configured under the following articles:

Default Account Settings - If you decide not to customize settings for a particular client, Lifecycle Manager will use the default Account Level Settings. This ensures there are always baseline configurations in place.

Navigating Client Settings

To begin, you need to access the settings for each specific client:

  1. Navigate to the Client console: Start by clicking on the Clients menu in the Top menu.
  2. Select a Client: Choose the client you wish to configure from the list.
  3. Access Client Settings: Click on the Settings > Hardware menu to open the client's settings.

Customizing Client Settings

Once in the client settings, you can tailor various aspects of Lifecycle Manager to fit the client's unique requirements. Here’s how you can configure each setting:

Hardware Replacement Settings

Understanding when to replace hardware is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and avoiding unexpected downtime. Customize the hardware replacement values to align with your client’s policies.

  1. Maximum Replacement Age: Set the maximum age at which hardware should be considered for replacement. This ensures your clients are operating with up-to-date equipment.
  2. Replacement Values: Define the cost estimates for replacing hardware components. This helps in budgeting and financial planning.

Warranty Coverage Settings

Warranty coverage is essential for managing repair costs and ensuring quick resolutions to hardware issues. Configure the warranty options to reflect your client’s coverage needs.

  1. Warranty Options: Select the warranty coverage options available for different hardware components. Ensure your clients are aware of their warranty statuses to prevent unexpected costs.

Currency and Regional Date Settings

To ensure all financial data and reports are accurate, set the correct currency and date formats based on the client's region.

  1. Display Currency: Choose the appropriate currency for your client's financial transactions.
  2. Date Formats: Select the date format that aligns with the client's regional preferences.

Generating Accurate Reports

Once you have configured the settings, Lifecycle Manager generates reports that accurately reflect the client’s operational setup. These reports help in making informed decisions and planning for future IT needs.

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