What are Insights?

Staying ahead of IT challenges is crucial to ensuring smooth operations and maintaining high client satisfaction. Insights within Lifecycle Manager transform how you manage and address these challenges. This article delves into how Insights automates and simplifies identifying critical issues.

Understanding Insights

Insights are automated, rules-based analyses that surface critical issues across your IT landscape by providing at-a-glance information, allowing you to grasp the severity and specifics of underlying IT problems quickly. Each Insight is designed to target specific categories of potential issues, ensuring that critical areas of concern are not overlooked.

Actionable Steps with Insights

Using Insights, you can:

  • Quickly identify and prioritize assets needing immediate attention.
  • Simplify the communication of critical issues to clients or internal teams.
  • Make informed decisions based on comprehensive, data-driven analyses.

An asset is either compliant with an insight's rule or is not.

Insight categories

Insights categorize information into several categories.

  • High-risk: This category highlights severe server and security issues that could lead to significant downtime if not promptly addressed. Quick identification helps mitigate potential threats before they escalate.
  • Hardware modernization: Targets aging server and workstation assets that may require upgrades or replacements to meet current technological standards.
  • Software modernization: Identifies workstations and VMs running unsupported operating systems or applications, such as non-Office 365 software, which might pose security risks or hinder performance.
  • Warranty coverage: Keeps track of workstations and servers with expiring or expired warranties, helping ensure that all your hardware is adequately covered and can be serviced or replaced as needed.
  • Security: In collaboration with Breach Secure Now, this Insight identifies which end users are at risk based on their security training and interactions with simulated phishing attacks. This integration requires an active Breach Secure subscription.
  • Backup monitoring: Integrates with Backup Radar to monitor servers, workstations, and VMs that may lack a configured backup policy, crucial for data recovery strategies. This feature also requires a Backup Radar subscription.

  • Personal insights: Enables account managers to gain a deeper understanding of specific client needs or the overall health of their MSP operations.

Personalized Insights: Customization and Flexibility

Recognizing that each MSP has unique needs and standards, Lifecycle Manager enables the creation of personalized insights. This functionality allows you to modify existing policies or create entirely new ones tailored to specific needs like installed software, hardware specifications, and warranty statuses. By customizing insights, you can fine-tune the platform to reflect the specific priorities and strategies of your business.

Navigating and Utilizing Insights

  1. Navigate to the Insights/Client Dashboard: Here, you can select either a predefined or personalized Insight.
  2. View the Asset List Console: Clicking on an Insight will display a list of relevant assets. This console simplifies Insight details through applied filters and allows for adjusting the scope of your search to be either broader or narrower.

Depending on what level of insights you want to view, there are two paths to access insights.

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