How to use the Strategy (Insights) Dashboard

The Insights Dashboard is a tool for enhancing your organization's operational efficiency by providing a detailed assessment of your client's digital health. At its core is the Digital Maturity Index (DMI), a metric that gauges and scores client environments, serving as a guide for strategic decision-making.

The Insights Dashboard simplifies the complex tasks involved in aligning client concerns, risks, and opportunities, thereby facilitating smarter strategic decisions and enhancing client engagements.

Access and navigation

The user-friendly design of the Insights Dashboard allows for streamlined navigation, making essential client information readily available. This design ensures that you can efficiently manage your daily activities without the need to sift through extensive data.

As previously mentioned, the Digital Maturity Index (DMI) is a crucial benchmark for gaining insights into your clients' digital health. However, the Insight Dashboard's true power lies in its user-friendly design, simplifying access to essential information and streamlining navigation.

Making the most of the Insights dashboard features

The dashboard presents details such as affected asset counts at the forefront, simplifying your decision-making process. It categorizes insights into actionable categories such as high-risk areas, hardware and software modernization needs, warranty coverage, security issues, and backup monitoring, integrating tools like Breach Secure Now and Backup Radar for comprehensive risk management.

Digital Maturity Index and Insights

The DMI provides an easy-to-understand score that encapsulates the digital health of each client. Accompanied by color-coded insights (Red for high-risk, Blue for compliance, Green for no action needed), it empowers you to prioritize and address issues effectively. These insights help score IT categories using client scorecards, providing a clear assessment of risks and opportunities in client IT environments. Learn more in the Digital Maturity Index (DMI) article.

Clicking into a predefined insight displays insight details. When viewing the specific insight details, you can drill down into each affected client. Learn more in the What are Insights? article.

Using Insights to help score IT categories using Scorecards

Clients don’t always have time to grasp the details to get aligned on concerns, risks, & opportunities in IT environments. Instead of providing solutions directly from Insights, use the key information within Insights to create an understandable assessment of the client's IT environment.

Since the Insights Dashboard provides insights based on all assets within the MSP's management, finding unique issues among clients may be challenging. Some of those Insights could signal that some broader issues and concerns may apply to more than one client, such as assets with an unsupported OS, unprotected assets, assets lacking endpoint protection, or assets that may indicate they are not capable of an OS upgrade.


Maximizing compliance with the Insights Dashboard

The Insights dashboard enables you to delve deeper into your client's digital landscape, identifying specific insights that require immediate action. From renewing warranties to assessing security training results, the Insights dashboard ensures client environments remain compliant.

By leveraging the Insights Dashboard, you ensure that your organization identifies and acts on critical client insights, maintaining a proactive stance in managing client relationships. This tool is not just about monitoring; it's about transforming insights into strategic actions that drive your organization forward.

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