Initiatives enable you to take instant action against critical asset performance issues & risks.

Through initiatives, you can quickly transform infrastructure obstacles into client-ready recommendations. The benefits of this solution are that:

  • You create Initiatives within the Lifecycle Manager platform

  • You send client proposals at the click of a button

  • You track and manage Initiatives in our platform

  • Manage schedules of Initiatives via a Roadmap

  • Assign or distribute actionable assets in one or over multiple quarters

  • Add individual assets to existing Initiatives as needed

From the Client Dashboard

By clicking on a predefined insight from the Client dashboard and viewing its details, you can:

  • Execute a quick response to asset management: i.e., take action now

  • Action risks immediately & get client approval in a few clicks

    • Take action on the assets that actually need to be addressed in an initiative

  • Expand current data points via filtering to create smaller, a more meaningful dataset

  • Simplify or reduce preparation for quarterly meetings

  • Plan and budget for assets before they comply with an insights rule

  • Determine the assets that have “a plan” or that or need to be included in action-specific initiatives

    • Add individual assets to existing Initiatives as needed

From the Roadmap

From the Roadmap display, you can

  • Add suggested Initiatives directly to a Roadmap

  • Create quick Initiatives, suggested from existing Insights, and apply them immediately to the Roadmap

  • You can edit any Initiative by entering the editable mode directly from the Roadmap

    • You can re-assign Initiatives to different quarters

    • You can re-distribute assets across different quarters

  • You can modify individual quarters of an Initiative

Initiative types

Along with providing a simple workflow to propose solutions to infrastructure challenges, templates make communicating Initiatives to clients easy, fast, and consistent. You can propose several types of initiatives based on the pre-defined templates. Some examples are listed below:

  • propose replacing assets that have reached the end of their useful life with current, high-performance models

  • propose and purchase warranties and include real-time configuration of warranty settings

  • propose moving on-premises infrastructure and services to the cloud

  • propose upgrading assets running end-of-life (EOL) operating system

  • propose personalized standards to identify assets in misalignment

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