Adding supplemental assets to initiatives

When managing IT infrastructure through Lifecycle Manager, enhancing existing Initiatives with supplemental assets can optimize your approaches to maintenance and upgrades. This article outlines how to add assets to Initiatives, ensuring proactive management of your client's IT needs.

Expanding Initiatives with Insights

Initiatives are not solely formed from the Insights display but can be augmented by adding assets that share similar issues. This capability allows you to address broader issues within your client's IT environment effectively.

Steps to Add Insights to Existing Initiatives:

  1. Locate the Initiative:
    1. Navigate to the Roadmap list view to review existing Initiatives. Identify any gaps where additional insights could be integrated, such as missing coverage for specific asset issues.
  2. Draft an Initial Initiative:
    1. If an Initiative does not exist for a necessary insight (e.g., "Workstation Warranty Coverage"), start by creating a draft initiative without assets.
  3. Incorporate Insights into the Draft Initiative:
    1. Navigate to the Roadmap from a Client’s menu and click New Initiative.
    2. Choose the relevant template (e.g., Workstation Warranty Coverage) and finalize the draft.
    3. Add assets by selecting Add assets within the draft Initiative, filtering by the specific Insight from the Hardware console, and then adding the relevant assets.

Alternative Method:

  • Directly access the Insight (e.g., Slow workstations)
  • Select all relevant assets
  • Click Add to Initiative. In the dialog box, select the existing draft Initiative and confirm.
  • From the Take action on this asset dialog, under the Add to + Existing Initiative, select from the list of draft Initiatives.
  • Select the desired Initiative, then click Save and view.

Adding un-actioned assets to existing initiatives

Identifying and adding additional Assets:

For insights such as "Slow workstations", assess the assets listed as non-compliant and check if there are additional assets that can be integrated into an existing draft Initiative like Workstation Replacement.

Here are the steps to filter and add assets un-actioned assets to an existing initiative:

  1. Click into the desired insight you want to take action on (In this example, Slow workstations)

  2. From the detailed Insight Asset Console, select the Is not in Initiative data point filter

  3. Select all available remaining assets

  4. From the detailed Insight Asset Console, click the + Add to Initiative button.

  5. From the Take action on this asset dialog, under the Add to heading, click + Existing Initiative and select from the list of draft Initiatives.

  6. Select the desired Initiative, then click Finish.

Manually Adding Specific Assets

Customizing Initiatives:

You can further customize the Initiative by adding or removing assets from the Initiative.

If you have a specific asset in mind to add to an Initiative:

  1. Within an existing Initiative, click the Add assets… button.

  2. In the Add assets to this Initiative dialog, enter the name or the serial number of the asset(s) you wish to add.

    As you type a name or serial number, the autocomplete suggests matching assets in a drop-down section. Every character you enter refines the list.

  3. Select the asset to include in the Initiative and click the Add selected assets button.
    Note that multiple assets can be added at one time.

Manually added assets do not have to be compliant with the initial insight rule of Workstations over 5 yrs old without warranty coverage, as Lifecycle Manager has the flexibility to add assets to an initiative that may fall just outside the rules of a particular insight, enabling a more proactive approach with clients.

Lifecycle Manager includes the Person Assigned for each asset, as asset names/serials only sometimes help the client identify which devices are being proposed for renewal.

To remove an asset from an initiative:

  1. Select the checkbox beside the asset in the asset table

  2. Click Remove asset

To remove bulk assets from an initiative:

  1. Select the bulk asset selection checkbox

  2. Clear any individual checkboxes you want to keep

  3. Click Remove

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