Configuring Client Time and Date Settings

Managing clients in different regions requires customizing their currency and date settings. This article explains how to set regional settings for each client. This means:

    • Regional Accuracy: If you have clients in different regions, you can adjust their currency and date settings to match local standards.
    • Precision in Reporting: Customized settings result in more accurate opportunities and reports.

Accessing Regional Settings

To begin configuring settings for a specific client:

  1. Navigate to the Client Dashboard: Access the client's dashboard where you want to customize settings.
  2. Click Settings > Regional: This will open the format settings specific to the client.

Enabling Custom Display Format Settings

  1. Turn on Custom Format Settings: Use the toggle switch to enable custom format settings for this client.
  2. Select Display Currency: Choose the currency that will be displayed on your reports for this client. This ensures that all financial data is presented in a format familiar to the client.
  3. Choose Date Format: Select the date format you’d like to use for this client's reports. This is particularly useful if your client is in a region where date formats differ from your default settings.
  4. Select Fiscal Year Start Date: Choose the start date of the client's fiscal year. This ensures that the Roadmap and all related financial planning are aligned with the client's fiscal year.

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