Managing initiatives

To ensure efficient management of clients' hardware and software status, the client console provides a comprehensive list of all managed clients and a high-level graph displaying their hardware replacement opportunities and status.

After accessing the Client console by clicking Clients in your left-hand navigation bar, you will have direct access to view, edit, review, send, and approve initiatives.

A centralized location to manage initiatives for clients is valuable for several reasons:

  • it allows easy access and visibility into all the client initiatives, enabling you to track progress, make updates, and collaborate with team members as needed.

  • It promotes consistency and standardization, ensuring that all initiatives are being tracked and managed in a uniform manner. This prevents duplication of efforts and facilitates effective communication between team members.

  • it can help to increase efficiency and productivity by streamlining reviewing, approving, and tracking initiatives.

Access Client Initiatives

To access the Initiatives for a specific client:

  1. Navigate to your client's page

  2. Select a client from the list
    Client Initiatives are accessible under the Initiatives tab

  3. Open an Initiative by clicking the name of the Initiative.

Creating initiatives from the Initiative list view

Initiatives aren't limited to creating a new Initiative from an Insights pane. In fact, to ensure that you have the ability to act on specific problem assets, you also can create initiatives from the Initiative list view.

Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Navigate to your client's page

  2. Click the Initiatives tab

  3. Click the New Initiative button

  4. From the New Initiative dialog, select from the list of existing templates (recommended if you know what assets you'll be adding) or choose No template (a template can be manually added later).

  5. Once the desired template is selected, click Finish.

When creating a new initiative from the Initiative list view, no assets are, by default, included in the unapproved Initiative. You customize the Initiative by manually adding individual assets to the Initiative or by adding assets from an Insight to this existing Initiative.

Proposal Notifications

You will receive an alert notification when a client approves proposals, which can be accessed throughout the platform.

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