Managing initiatives

Managing client initiatives is essential for maintaining the health and performance of your client's hardware and software assets. The Roadmap (all clients) view offers a way to oversee these initiatives.

A centralized location to manage initiatives for clients is valuable for several reasons:

  • it allows easy access and visibility into all the client initiatives, enabling you to track progress, make updates, and collaborate with team members as needed.

  • It promotes consistency and standardization, ensuring that all initiatives are being tracked and managed uniformly. This prevents duplication of efforts and facilitates effective communication between team members.

  • it can help to increase efficiency and productivity by streamlining reviewing, approving, and tracking initiatives.

Accessing all Client Initiatives

Start by navigating to the global Roadmap. This centralized location allows you to manage all your clients' initiatives. Here’s how you can access and manage initiatives:


  1. Navigate to the Strategy Roadmap: From the Top Menu, click Strategy, then click Roadmap (all clients) to access the global Roadmap list view.
  2. Open an Initiative: Click on the initiative name to view its details, make edits, review its status, or send and approve proposals.

Client specific roadmaps

To access Roadmpas for a specific client:

  1. Select a Client: Choose the client from the list to view their specific details.
  2. Navigate to Roadmap: From the left-hand navigation bar, click on Roadmap to access the client roadmap.

Managing Initiatives with the Roadmap View

The Roadmap view in Lifecycle Manager provides a graphical representation of all initiatives, segmented by quarters. This view allows for easy tracking and planning:

  • View Fees: Click to view detailed fees associated with each initiative.
  • Status and Priority Filters: Use these filters to sort initiatives by their status and priority.
  • Current Fiscal Year: Check the current fiscal year settings and ensure alignment with your planning.


List View for Detailed Management

For a more detailed management approach, the List View offers a comprehensive table format:

  • Not Scheduled Initiatives: View and manage initiatives yet to be scheduled.
  • Quarterly Initiatives: Track initiatives planned for each quarter, complete with details on creation dates, one-time fees, and recurring fees.
  • PSA Tickets - Any PSA tickets created directly from Initiatives are linked in the List View.


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