What is Lifecycle Manager Strategy?

Insights Dashboard

The Insights Dashboard empowers you to proactively manage and enhance asset performance through data-driven insights and streamlined processes. Utilizing the Insights Dashboard enables you to identify and address critical performance issues and risks. 

This solution facilitates immediate action and fosters collaboration between Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and clients. This common framework helps clients comprehend and endorse necessary technology upgrades and risk mitigation strategies, thereby enhancing client engagement and shared accountability.

The inclusion of the Digital Maturity Index (DMI) and Insights Initiatives provides a clear framework for assessing the health of a client's technology environment. This system assigns a quantifiable health score to each client and surfaces critical insights that guide decision-making. 

By leveraging these features, we empower clients to understand the importance of and approve necessary technology upgrades and risk mitigation initiatives. This approach differentiates between great and average clients but offers a pathway to elevate underperforming clients.

Mastering the Insights Dashboard for comprehensive overview and categorization

The Insights Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all your clients, including a benchmark of their digital health (DMI). Accessible from the Strategy menu, the Insights Dashboard is your first point of contact in understanding the status of your clients. 

  • Digital Maturity Index (DMI) - DMI is a proprietary best-practices-driven benchmarking engine that marks the digital health of your clients.
  • Insights - Insights identify asset risks for you. With automatic data acquisition, analysis, and presentation, Insights automatically surfaces critical performance issues & risks continuously.

To further refine this information, Insight Panes categorizes this vital information into several key areas:

High-risk and modernization

  • High-risk: High-risk assets are server and security issues that could create significant downtime if not addressed.
  • Hardware modernization: Identifies both server and workstation assets over a certain age.
  • Software modernization: Identifies workstation and VM assets with unsupported Operating Systems and non-Office 365 installations.
  • Warranty coverage: These are workstations and servers that have ScalePad Warranty coverage and/or OEM warranties that have expired or are about to expire.


Backup monitoring

Integration of Backup Radar into ScalePad Lifecycle Manager to identify servers, & workstations, and virtual machines that exist in Lifecycle Manager that aren't being monitored in Backup Radar. The insight is checking to see if there is a configured backup monitoring policy. (A subscription to Backup Radar is required).



We’ve integrated Breach Secure Now! Insights directly into the Lifecycle Manager dashboard. *A Breach Secure subscription is required. In addition to Lifecycle Manager's critical asset lifecycle data, these security insights provide an overview of client security training information from Breach Secure Now!

Personal insights

Personalized insights can be created so that you can get a better understanding of the health of your clients.

Personal insights

Personalized insights can be created that enable MSP owners or account managers to get a better understanding of the health of their clients or their entire MSP.

Identify and view client-specific insights that need to be actioned upon by clicking into insights to systematically assess client data. This process allows for the extraction of critical insights, highlighting areas that require immediate attention. You can navigate through a user-friendly interface to monitor these insights, ensuring that they are readily accessible for swift action. 

This method not only enhances your efficiency of client management but also supports targeted interventions tailored to each client’s specific needs.

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