No client found for these devices

Our system has detected that some devices are assigned to a client called “Unassigned”. In Lifecycle Manager, the Client & Location field displays the client information for an asset. The client information is obtained from an RMM, PSA, or documentation tool that collects client data.

Missing client information is expected behavior if you have a Fortinet FortiGate Cloud integration as Fortinet does not have device-client mapping.

If a device possesses a client association from an alternative integration, such as an RMM, PSA, or documentation tool, we will link the device to that specific client. However, without such an association, the device will be allocated to a client named "Unassigned."

We strongly encourage you to connect multiple integrations into Lifecycle Manager to create a complete picture of your assets and make sure you have the most accurate data for your reports.

Missing client name resolution in a PSA

If you’re solely relying on a PSA or documentation tool, the Client & Location field may not populate as expected. 

To address missing Client & Location in a PSA, ensure that the field mappings in your PSA integration are correctly configured, as explained in the How to ensure all assets are syncing from PSA and documentation tools article.

Otherwise, the issue can be archived on the Issues page.

Missing client name resolution in an RMM

If you’re using an RMM tool that supports the syncing of client data, set up the RMM to sync with your other tool. The specific steps for doing this will vary depending on the RMM you're using, so refer to the product-specific documentation or support resources for more information.

Connecting multiple integrations

We strongly encourage you to connect multiple integrations if you have them. As your account's data becomes more accurate, our reports become more precise and start including enhanced information.

Matching duplicate assets from your integrations are grouped together based on serial numbers and MAC addresses, which helps ensure your asset count is accurate.

Our platform does the heavy lifting, which means reports don't show duplicated hardware assets and even display which devices are coming from each of your systems. We even go as far as helping you identify which hardware assets are duplicated in which systems—useful beyond just warranties.

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