Submit a full service disposal order

Full Service IT Asset Disposal includes the 4 steps that walk you through adding various asset types through to order completion. Read on to make sure you have all the information you need.

  1. Add the number of and type of assets to be disposed
  2. Confirm location details and how we can help
  3. Review and place order
  4. Arrange for package pickup

Asset disposal supports several asset types for disposal including workstations, servers, tablets, hard drives (individually), switches, network devices, IP phones, monitors, and scanners, for US-based Pro users only. For any asset that doesn't fit into those pre-defined types, use the asset type labeled Other. Unsupported assets are UPS devices, batteries, and printers.

    • Step 1 of 4: Add the number and type of assets to be disposed

      The disposal checkout workflow enables Partners to select various asset types as well as the number of assets to be disposed of.

      1. Click the Disposal button in your left-hand navigation bar.
      2. Click the Add button to select the asset type you are disposing of.
      3. Set the quantity of each asset type for disposal
      4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each asset type set for disposal.
      5. Select the Full service shipping option.
      6. Select the Assets of applicable types are unlocked checkbox. All applicable assets must have BIOS and/or iCloud unlocked. Selecting this is required to enable the Continue to Shipping button.
      7. Click Continue to Shipping.
    • Step 2 of 4: Confirm location details and how we can help

      From the Shipping section of the Disposal order, confirm the Pickup & return address and identify specific features of your pickup and return location to ensure a smooth and accurate pickup.

        1. Confirm the Pickup & return address.
        2. If a different pickup location is required, click the Use a different address button to enter the new address information, and click Save address.
        3. Select All the assets are at this location checkbox. Selecting this is required to enable the Continue to Summary button.
        4. Identify relevant building features such as a multiple-floor building. Describe any relevant details, such as access points, parking availability, or any obstacles our team should be aware of.
        5. Select the packing and moving materials you need so we can help pack and load your assets.
        6. Click Continue to Summary.

      After you’ve confirmed the pickup & return address, you'll be able to review and edit the details before placing an order.

    • Step 3 of 4: Review and place order

      If your order summary does not match your physical order requirements, the Summary section enables you to confirm the complete order or make any adjustments including address updates, and the number of assets in order.

        1. Confirm the quantity of the assets in the order. Click the Edit button to adjust the asset types and quantity, if applicable.
        2. Confirm the packing and moving materials needed.
        3. Confirm the Pickup & return address. If a different address is required, click Edit and then click Use a different address button to enter the new address information. 
        4. Click Place order now.

      After you’ve placed your order, you'll be able to schedule preferred pickup dates and times.

    • Step 4 of 4: Arrange for package pickup

      After your order has been placed, you must schedule a pickup to complete your order.

      1. Fill in the relevant details of the order pickup including:
        1. Contact name, email, and phone number.
        2. Schedule a four day pickup window for order pickup. Describe additional details regarding pickup availability that our team should be aware of. 
      2. Click Request pickup to finalize your order. 

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