Viewing Security Insights

In today’s digital-first environment, cybersecurity is not just a concern; it's a critical business imperative. Recognizing this urgency, we have integrated the Breach Secure Now! platform with our Lifecycle Manager dashboard to enhance your security management capabilities. 

Introduction to Breach Secure Now!?

Breach Secure Now! is a sophisticated platform designed to simplify cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance training. It enables MSPs to automate the training process, creating a knowledgeable workforce that acts as an additional layer of defense against cyber threats.

Integration Benefits and Rationale

Why does this integration matter? Cyber threats are evolving, and businesses are constantly at risk. A Breach Secure Now! integration (*a Breach Secure subscription is required) into Lifecycle Manager allows MSPs to merge asset management with personnel training data, facilitating a holistic view of both technical assets and human elements within a single platform. This integration ensures that all your clients' employees receive essential security awareness training, meeting the minimum security standards required to protect against cyber threats.

By ensuring that clients and their employees are equipped to handle phishing attempts, it's not just their data that's protected; it's their overall security and compliance that are protected. Security insights provide a view of employee training status, simplifying the monitoring and management of security training progress.

To view security Insights

To view account-level security insights

For Security insights, the information available for viewing can be customized. This console allows you to include or exclude table columns based on your needs.

  1. Navigate to the Insights Dashboard by clicking Strategy and then selecting the Insights Dashboard menu option on your Top Menu.
  2. Click into the security insight pane on the Insights Dashboard

Configuring and Customizing Insights

The console allows you to customize the visibility of table columns, such as:

  • Role - Defines the position or purpose of personnel in the workplace.
  • Security Training - Details the ongoing educational processes related to security practices.
  • Phishing Clicked - Indicates individuals who have fallen for a simulated phishing attack.


To access client-specific Insights

The information available to view is configurable. Table columns can be included or excluded according to your needs.

  1. Navigate to the Clients console by clicking Clients on the Top Menu.
  2. Click into a selected client on the Client console
  3. Click on the security insight from the Client Dashboard

The insight title is indicated in the drop-down menu of the console.


Filtering by Insights

By using the Insight filter, you can see a list of Security Insights so that you can switch between them.


  1. The applied filters on the People console match the policies associated with the insight you selected.
  2. The people list in the console is pre-filtered according to the policies associated with the selected insight.
    1. Policies filter the console data (i.e., Insight is between % & %, or Insight is under %).

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