How to use the People Console

The People console serves as a hub for accessing information about your clients' employees.

Having visibility into client personnel changes is crucial if you have obligations to deliver onboarding and offboarding services, which can include equipment provisioning or decommissioning, depending on new hires or departures.

Maintaining a record of their clients' staff is usually a manual process and can often be outdated. Incorporating this information into Lifecycle Manager centralizes data and offers you an opportunity to review employees with clients during Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs).

Discovering people

You can access and review the user information of every client you serve. By sharing this data with your clients, you ensure that it remains accurate, empowering you to provide well-informed, customized technology recommendations and solutions.

Open the People console by clicking the People tab in a Client dashboard.

  1. Navigate to your client's page
  2. Select a client from the list
  3. Click the People tab

Within Lifecycle Manager, this client user information is synced from your PSA or RMM. On the People tab, you see a list of client employees that include their:

  • Employee name
  • Email
  • Role
  • Breach Secure Now! Training results - if integrated
    • Security training
    • Phishing clicked

Configurable list view

The People console offers configurable columns for customizing the console according to your specific needs.


For example, you can include Role, Phishing Clicked, and Security Training column to gets the employee role or information on Breach Secure Now! Training results (if Breach Secure Now! Is integrated).

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