Viewing client personnel

Effective management of client personnel information is vital, particularly when delivering services like onboarding and offboarding, which involve detailed management of technology assets tied to individual employees. Viewing client users offers a centralized platform for managing this information. This article walks you through leveraging Users to maintain up-to-date records of your client's employees.

The User console acts as a central hub for all client employee information, streamlining the process of accessing basic personnel details. This capability is crucial when tasked with managing client personnel changes, such as provisioning new equipment for hires or decommissioning assets for departures.

Accessing the User console

To begin using the User console:

  1. Navigate to the Client Dashboard:
    1. Select a client from your list to access their specific dashboard.
  2. Open the User’s console:
    1. Within the client's dashboard, click on the User menu. This action displays all the personnel associated with the selected client, providing a view of basic employee information.


Key features of the User console

Centralized personnel data:

The console pulls data from integrated Professional Services Automation (PSA) or Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) systems, ensuring that the employee information is synchronized and current.

List of employee details:

  • View essential details about each employee, including:
    • Employee Name
    • Email Address
    • Role within the organization
    • Security training status - Including results from Breach Secure Now! if integrated, which shows security training progress and phishing test results.

Customizing the User console

Configurable list view:

  • Tailor the User console to meet your specific monitoring needs by configuring which columns are displayed. The People console offers configurable columns for customizing the console according to your specific needs.

Example customization:

  • Include columns like Role, Phishing Clicked, and Security Training to obtain detailed insights into the security preparedness of each employee and their interaction with phishing simulations.


Utilizing People Data in Client Engagements

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs):

  • Utilize the detailed employee information during QBRs to discuss personnel changes with clients and review the implications of these changes on their IT infrastructure.

Proactive Personnel Management:

  • By maintaining current and comprehensive records of client personnel, you can proactively manage onboarding and offboarding processes, ensuring that each transition is smooth and that no IT assets are left unsecured or underutilized.

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