Working with custom report templates

In certain scenarios, the versatility of our reporting allows you to take your data to the next level by creating custom templates.

To maximize the time you spend taking action to improve your clients' IT environments, custom report templates automatically add only the data you want to show to your client.

Translating reports into simple language that your clients can understand can be challenging. The templates are designed to assist you with communicating the required data behind your recommendations.

Create a new custom report template

To manually recreate a report for every client or make the same adjustments to the report templates every time would be inconvenient and time-consuming. When taking the same action with different clients, you will likely want to create very similar reports.

You can create new customized templates in one of two ways: 1) Using an existing template as a baseline to customize or 2) create a new report and start customizing from scratch.

To create a customized report template:

  1. Navigate to your client's dashboard

  2. Click the Scheduled Reports tab

  3. Click the Create New Report button

  4. Select from the list of existing templates (in the Apply Template section) or choose leave blank.

  5. Make relevant updates to the report:

    1. Report Name
    2. Report Parameters

    3. Additional Report Columns

  6. Select the Save as Template option.
    When selecting the Save as Template option, the Report Name field should reflect a template report name. For example; Hardware report for workstations over 5 yrs old with no warranties.

  7. Once selected, click Save.

When applying templates to a report, templates are always listed under the Apply Template section.

To apply a template to a custom report

  1. Within the Create Scheduled Report dialogue

  2. From the Apply Templates section, click the Apply template button.

  3. From the Apply a new template dialog, choose a template.

  4. Once the template is selected, click Apply template.

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