Network and Server assets service level agreements

This article outlines the process for effectively managing and understanding expectations for networking warranty requests through our service. By reading this article, you will be equipped to navigate our service level agreements (SLAs), comprehend the distinction between response and resolution times, and understand the scenarios that may affect the timely fulfillment of your service requests.

This knowledge will empower you to effectively communicate with our support teams and utilize our resources, ensuring your networking issues are addressed efficiently and satisfactorily.

When placing a networking warranty request, it’s important to note that our 4-hour and next-business-day Service Level Agreements (SLAs) cover the most common challenges experienced with servers and network equipment.

Our SLAs refer to response time, rather than resolution time.

  • Response time refers to the total time it takes for our teams to communicate with you regarding the status of your service request.

  • Resolution time refers to the amount of time that a customer spends with the Support Team from the creation of a support ticket to a complete full resolution of the issue.

We are committed to diligently working towards the timely completion and closure of each service request. However, it's important to note that the resolution timeframe for some requests may extend beyond the standard 4-hour or next business day period. This variation in resolution time is occasionally due to the availability of specific parts required for the service. Rest assured, our team makes every effort to expedite resolutions, and we are constantly striving to meet these timeframes whenever possible.

Our service partners are well-equipped with a wide range of parts to promptly address the majority of challenges that may occur. On occasions where a specific or less common part is required, our team takes the necessary steps to source these items, even reaching out to more distant suppliers. While this process can occasionally extend the time needed to fulfill a service request, it ensures that the most appropriate and effective solution is provided for your unique needs.

Parts that are kept locally by our service partners include:

  • hard drives
  • power supply units

Typically, components such as motherboards, CPUs, and other less commonly requested parts are ordered as needed. These items are generally procured with an expedited process, aiming to ensure delivery within the next business day.

Some reasons for requests taking longer:

  • Certain hardware components, such as controllers, require the installation and verification of compatible firmware before dispatch to the site.
  • Acquiring certain specific hardware components may occasionally present challenges due to external constraints.

If you find that your service request is taking too long, please reach out to the Lifecycle Manager support team between 8 AM to 5 PM PT, Monday to Friday, at for assistance.

If your request is urgent and requires immediate attention outside of our support team’s available hours, you can reach out directly to ScalePad’s service partners using the region-specific phone numbers provided after you submit your service request.

While it is uncommon, there may be instances where the resolution of a service request may extend beyond a week. Should you encounter such a situation, we recommend reaching out to a representative of the ScalePad services team. This allows us to initiate an escalation process, ensuring that your request receives prioritized attention and is resolved as swiftly as possible.