Managing Client Activities with Action Items and Notes

In Lifecycle Manager, the Activities section is designed to help you stay organized by allowing you to manage action items and notes for your clients. This article walks you through creating and managing these activities.

Accessing the Activities Section

  1. Navigate to the Client Page: From the Client console, select the client you wish to manage.
  2. Open the Activities: Click the Activities menu to access the existing action items and notes.


Creating and Managing Action Items

Action items are essential tasks needed to ensure seamless operations and client satisfaction. These tasks can encompass a broad range of activities, from routine reminders to critical follow-up tasks stemming from client meetings or technical issues. Some of these action items could include the following:

  1. Routine reminders: Reminders to send status reports, check-in emails, or notifications about upcoming maintenance windows.
  2. Follow-up tasks from meetings: After client meetings, there may be a list of follow-up tasks that involve coordinating with different teams, such as addressing specific client concerns discussed during the meeting.
  3. Technical tasks: Tasks related to preventive measures, such as system upgrades, patch management, and security audits to prevent future issues and ensure smooth operations.

Viewing Action Items:

  1. By default, the Upcoming filter shows all client tasks that are due.
  2. You can view Overdue and Completed action items by clicking on the associated filter.


Creating a New Action Item:

  1. Click the New Action Item button.
    1. Or from the Client Dashboard, click Create action items.
  2. Enter the details of the action item.
  3. Set the due date for the action item by clicking on the calendar icon next to the date field.
  4. Use the Assign to field to delegate the task to a specific team member. Click on the plus icon to select a member from your team.
  5. After making the necessary edits, click Save to update the action item.
  6. Once created, the action item will appear in the list, ready for you to track and manage.
  7. If your organization uses ConnectWise Manage, you can create a corresponding PSA ticket directly from the action item. Click on the + plus icon to generate a PSA ticket.
  8. Manage existing Action Items:
    1. You can check off completed action items by clicking the checkbox next to the item. The same process can reverse Completed action items to Incomplete.

Using the Notes Section

The Notes tab allows you to keep detailed records of your interactions and discussions with clients. This is especially useful for remembering important points from meetings that do not require immediate action.

  1. Access the Notes Section: Click on the Notes tab within the Activities section.
  2. Add a New Note:
    1. Click the New Notes button.
    2. Enter the details of your note in the provided text box.
    3. Click the Save button for future reference.

Using both the action items and notes features, you can ensure that client tasks and important information are captured and easily accessible.

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