Editing Action Items

The Edit Action interface in Lifecycle Manager is designed to help you manage and track the progress of your tasks. This article walks you through the key features in the Edit Action screen, ensuring you can keep your action items up-to-date and well-organized.

Accessing the Edit Action Screen

To edit an action item, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Action Items Section: From your client dashboard, click on the Activities menu and select Action items.
  2. Select an Action Item: Click on the action item you wish to edit. This will open the Edit Action screen.
    1. You can also edit action items directly from the Client Dashboard.

Key Features of the Edit Action Screen


  1. Mark as Complete:
    1. Use the Mark as complete button to indicate that the action item has been completed to track the progress and ensure that completed tasks are not overlooked.
  2. Set Due Date:
    1. Set or update the due date for the action item by clicking on the calendar date field to prioritize tasks and ensure timely completion.
  3. Action Item Details:
    1. Review and update the action item details to make necessary changes if required.
  4. Assign to a Team Member:
    1. Use the Assign to field to delegate the task to a specific team member or to add additional team members. Click on the plus icon to select a member from your team.
  5. Create PSA Ticket:
    1. If your organization uses ConnectWise Manage, you can create a corresponding PSA ticket directly from the action item. Click on the Create ticket icon to generate a ticket, ensuring that tasks are tracked within your PSA system.
  6. Delete Action Item:
    1. If the action item is no longer relevant, you can delete it by clicking the Delete action item button. 
  7. Unlink PSA Ticket:
    1. Use the Unlink PSA Ticket button to separate/disconnect the action item from PSA ticket.
  8. Save Changes:
    1. After making the necessary edits, click the Save button to update the action item. This ensures that all changes are captured and reflected in your task list.

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