Creating CW Manage PSA Tickets from Action Items: A Step-by-Step Guide

For partners utilizing ConnectWise Manage alongside Lifecycle Manager, you can convert action items directly into PSA tickets. This article walks you through the process:

See the ConnectWise Tickets - API Permission Requirements article for permission requirements for Lifecycle Manager to access and create tickets in CW Manage.

Benefits of Creating PSA Tickets from Action Items

  • Efficiency: Streamlines client tasks by keeping everything centralized within Lifecycle Manager.
  • Accuracy: Ensures all details are captured accurately and transferred to the PSA system without manual entry.
  • Accountability: Helps track and manage tasks more effectively, ensuring nothing is missed.

Step 1: Convert Action Item to PSA Ticket

Once your action item is created and detailed, the next step is to convert it into a PSA ticket.

  1. Create Ticket:
    1. In the Edit Action window, click the Create ticket button located on the right side.
      convert_action_item_to PSA_ticket2.png
    2. This action will open the Create PSA Ticket dialog.

Step 2: Fill Out the PSA Ticket Form

In the Create PSA Ticket dialog, provide specific details to create a comprehensive ticket.

Ticket Status, Ticket Type, Ticket Subtype, and Ticket items are enabled based on your Service Board setup.

  1. Service Board:
    1. Select the appropriate service board from the dropdown menu. This categorizes the ticket for the correct department or service area. Service Board selection is mandatory to submit a ticket.
  2. Ticket Status:
    1. Choose the current status of the ticket (e.g., Open, In Progress, Closed).
  3. Ticket Type and Subtype:
    1. Specify the type and subtype of the ticket. Types and subtypes are predefined categories that help categorize the issue more precisely.
  4. Ticket Item:
    1. Select a specific item related to the ticket. This could be a particular piece of hardware or a software component.
  5. Title / Summary:
    1. Provide a concise title for the ticket. 
  6. Description:
    1. Enter a detailed description of the issue or task. Ensure it includes all relevant information, followed by specific details such as steps to reproduce the problem, the impact on operations, and any preliminary troubleshooting steps taken.

Step 3: Submit the Ticket

After filling out the form:

  1. Save the Ticket:
    1. Click the Save button to submit the ticket.
    2. This will create a new PSA ticket within ConnectWise Manage, linked directly to the action item from Lifecycle Manager.
  2. Track Ticket:
    1. You can track the PSA ticket within Lifecycle Manager or directly in ConnectWise Manage as a ticket number is created and displayed.

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