Sharing Roadmaps

Keeping aligned with your client's needs is essential for maintaining strong relationships and optimizing their IT infrastructure. Sharing Roadmaps connects clients with critical data about their IT environment. This article outlines sharing Roadmaps to communicate with clients effectively.

How to share a Roadmap:

To share a Roadmap, follow these steps:

  1. Access Sharing Options:
    1. Within a client's Roadmap, click the Share with client button to display sharing options.
  2. Choosing the Sharing Option:
    1. Start Presenting: Select this option to present the Roadmap in a shared environment, such as during a video conference call.
    2. Download PDF: Select this option to download a white-labeled PDF of the Roadmap, which you can then send to your client via email.

Sharing Methods

  1. Presentation Mode:
    1. When you select Start Presenting, the Roadmap is displayed in a dynamic window suitable for discussion during a video conference.
    2. The presentation mode includes previewing full Initiatives, individual quarters, priorities, and initiative statuses.
  2. White-labeled PDF:
    1. When you select Download PDF, customized content of the Roadmap is available to include on the PDF.

Step-by-Step Customizing a Roadmap PDF


Step 1: Customize PDF Content

Select the content of your Roadmap PDF to suit your needs. You can select various elements to include in the final document.

  • Cover Page & Roadmap Overview
    • Cover Page: This will highlight your client's Digital Maturity Index (DMI) score.
    • Roadmap Overview: This snapshot will give a broad view of the overall plan.

Step 2: Select Initiative Status

Choose the statuses of the initiatives you want to include in the PDF.

  • Status Options: allows you to focus on the relevant stages of each project.

Step 3: Define the Timeline

Specify the timeframe for the initiatives you wish to include to provide a clear picture of what’s planned for different periods.

  • Timeline Settings:
    • From: Select the starting year and quarter.
    • To: Select the ending year and quarter.
    • Include Unscheduled: Option to include unscheduled initiatives.

Step 4: Set Priorities

Indicate the priority levels of the initiatives to help clients understand the urgency and importance of each task.

Step 5: Advanced Options

Further customize your PDF by including additional detailed information.

  • Include Budget/Cost: Provides a financial overview.
  • Include Asset List: Extends the document to include a detailed list of assets involved.
  • Sort By: Choose how to sort the initiatives in the PDF (e.g., by Title).

Step 6: Download the Roadmap PDF

Once you have made all the necessary selections, click the Download button. This action generates a PDF that can be shared or emailed with your client, ensuring they have a professional, branded document to understand their IT roadmap.


Maintaining organized records is crucial. For clarity and record-keeping, each Roadmap PDF is named using the following convention: Roadmap_client_YYYY-MM-DD.