Buying Workstation Assurance for clients

Purchasing Workstation Assurance for your clients' workstation assets is straightforward in Lifecycle Manager. This article outlines each step from selecting assets to finalizing the purchase, ensuring all your client's workstations are protected.

If you cannot purchase Workstation Assurance for a specific asset, then please contact support at with the following information: serial number, manufacturer, and model number.

1. Verification and Navigation

Before you begin, ensure workstation assets are operational and their locations are accurately listed, as this information is crucial for service calls.

  • Navigate to Workstation Assurance: From your client dashboard or the Top Menu bar, click Marketplace > Workstation Assurance.

2. Select Your Client

Choose which client you’re buying warranties for.

3. Select Eligible Assets

You can filter and select hardware assets that are eligible for warranty. Use the checkboxes to select assets directly from the list.

  • Filtering Options: Use built-in filters to find out-of-warranty assets or those nearing the end of their lifecycle. You can also use the search bar for precise searches, like locating assets by serial numbers or model types.
    • Selected items - Selecting this option only shows selected items.
    • Out of warranty assets - Selecting this option shows assets available for warranties with expired or soon to expire warranties.
    • Assets between x and x years old - This editable option shows only assets within an asset lifecycle based on aging requirements. Assets with an unknown age are not shown when this filter is applied.

4. Co-termination and real-time Adjustments

  • Co-terminate coverage: Opt to have all warranties end on the same date by selecting the co-termination option. This aligns all warranties to end with the longest one, simplifying management. Co-termination can be turned off in the cart by clearing the Co-terminate checkbox.
  • Adjust Warranty Terms: Directly adjust terms like coverage length and markup percentages for selected assets in the Infrastructure Protection cart.

5. Review and Adjust Cost

The total cost of warranties will be displayed in the Cost column and summarized above the asset list. Make any necessary adjustments to terms directly from the Infrastructure cart.

6. Confirm Service Level

Confirm the service level from the dropdown menu:


*Only one option is available for workstations

  • Advanced exchange including accidental damage

7. Custom Settings and Proposals (optional)

  • Customize Client Settings: If needed, adjust settings for individual clients by clicking the gear icon next to their name.
  • Create Multiple Proposals: Generate and download multiple warranty coverage proposals to review with your client before finalizing the purchase. Click the download Download Proposal PDF button to obtain the proposal PDF document.

8. Proceed to Checkout

  • Click Go to Checkout
    • Confirm the client name and site address.
    • Complete the payment method details.
    • Certify the condition of the hardware assets.
    • Place your order.

After placing your order, a confirmation email will be sent to you along with a Coverage Card, ensuring you have all the documentation you need for your records.

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