ConnectWise RMM integration instructions

This article provides instructions on how to integrate ConnectWise RMM to Lifecycle Manager.


The following is required for integrating ConnectWise RMM with Lifecycle Manager:

  • You must have Administrator user credentials for your ConnectWise RMM account

  • You must have Administrator user credentials for your Lifecycle Manager account or member permissions of Manage Sync Settings selected

To successfully integrate ConnectWise RMM with Lifecycle Manager, please follow these steps in each article section:

Integration steps in ConnectWise RMM

Integration steps in Lifecycle Manager

Existing API Keys - Existing API keys should not be reused if you have already generated one for another system other than Lifecycle Manager.

Integration steps in ConnectWise RMM

Data Limitations in ConnectWise RMM Integration

The absence of Processor, Memory, and User information for assets is due to limitations in the data received from ConnectWise RMM integrations.

  • Processor and Memory Information: ConnectWise RMM does not include Processor or Memory information in their API, preventing us from displaying it on our platform.
  • Username Data: Missing username data is a known issue with the ConnectWise RMM API, which has not yet been resolved. Consequently, ConnectWise RMM does not provide us with username data for assets syncing to our platform.

These limitations are inherent to the current capabilities of the ConnectWise RMM API.

Create API key

  1. Sign in to ConnectWise RMM's ITSupport Portal

  2. Within the ConnectWise RMM menu, navigate to Integrations

  3. On the Integrations page, search for ScalePad (or Lifecycle Manager) and click on it to get the API Credentials page.

  4. Click Create API Key

  5. From the API screen, click the Generate button to generate a Client ID and a Client secret key. The generated API credentials appear beside the relevant labels.

    1. The Client secret key will be hidden for security reasons after navigating away from this page. Once the keys are generated, take note and copy the API credentials.

  6. Click Proceed to continue.

In case you forget your API credentials, navigate to Integrations and return to the API screen and click Regenerate. Any previously generated Client ID and Client secret keys will be invalidated.

Disabling an integration

Clicking the toggle to deactivate the integration revokes access and previously generated API keys will be invalidated.

The integration's data and configurations will only be deleted if Lifecycle Manager's integration is also removed.

When adding the ConnectWise RMM Integration credentials to Lifecycle Manager, you need to add the Client ID and Client secret to the ConnectWise RMM integration page.

Integration steps in Lifecycle Manager

Add ConnectWise RMM API credentials to Lifecycle Manager

  1. From Lifecycle Manager, navigate to Integrations and click the Add integration button.

  2. The Add integration page will open. Select ConnectWise RMM.

  3. Enter your Client ID and Client Secret into the ConnectWise RMM add integration page.

  4. Click Save ConnectWise RMM Setup.

ConnectWise RMM supports two-way synchronization of Purchase Dates and Warranty Expiration Dates. These dates are queried by Lifecycle Manager and written back into ConnectWise RMM.

In-app edited dates - If you use our In-app edit feature to edit purchase/expiry dates manually, Lifecycle Manager will push these manually edited dates back into ConnectWise RMM.

When you click Save ConnectWise RMM Setup, Lifecycle Manager performs a full sync. When finished, you should be able to view your hardware assets in your account.

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