Warranty lookups

Ensuring your assets are covered under a warranty is crucial when managing IT infrastructure. This article introduces asset warranty lookups (Infrastructure Protection and Workstation Assurance) within Lifecycle Manager, including the supported hardware types, data requirements, duplicate entries, and how often our warranty dates refresh.

Supported hardware asset types

Lifecycle Manager supports a variety of hardware assets for coverage and OS status lookups, including:

  • Servers

  • Workstations

    • Desktops

    • Laptops

    • Microsoft Surface devices
  • Network devices

  • Virtual machines (OS status reporting only)

  • Printing and imaging devices

If you need support for a specific hardware manufacturer that isn’t currently supported, you can request it via the Product Ideas process. Refer to the article Navigating the Iceberg: Understanding the Product Ideas Process for details on how to submit your request.

Networking Integrations

Most direct OEM lookups occur automatically when supported assets sync into Lifecycle Manager. Here's an overview of how it works with specific networking integrations.

Cisco Smart Net

The Cisco Smart Net integration enables coverage lookups from other integrations for Cisco assets already present in your account. Cisco Smart Net does not sync assets directly from your Cisco account. Instead, it qualifies Cisco assets from other integrations for warranty lookups. To obtain expiration dates for Cisco-based equipment, you only need to add the Cisco Smart Net integration.

SonicWall, Meraki, Barracuda Cloud Control

For SonicWall, Meraki, and Barracuda Cloud Control, assets must be syncing from their respective integrations to qualify for warranty lookups. If an integration is missing, Lifecycle Manager will flag it on the Issues tab of your Integrations page and recommend adding it.

Minimum data requirements for warranty lookups

For each hardware asset that syncs into Lifecycle Manager, we require two specific fields for warranty lookups:

  • Manufacturer

  • Serial Number

In some cases, the exact Model number is required as well.

Refreshing warranty dates

Lifecycle Manager refreshes coverage data regularly, typically every few days. In rare cases, it can take up to 30 days to refresh after a Workstation Assurance or Infrastructure protection purchase. Our algorithm prioritizes assets likely to be renewed, ensuring up-to-date coverage information.

Duplicate hardware assets

We use serial numbers and MAC addresses as unique identifiers to match hardware asset data. If duplicate entries are detected, they are merged into a single hardware asset in Lifecycle Manager, ensuring your total asset count remains unaffected.

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