Where to adjust scheduled reports

Lifecycle Manager has customizable hardware lifecycle reports available in two different formats.

You can customize the fields included in the hardware lifecycle report. For default reports which already contain asset name, user, make, serial, model, OS, age, purchase date, and warranty expiration date, you can now include the following fields:

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Storage


The default settings can be updated at the client level or account level (which covers all clients) and also applied to scheduled reports.

You can also create a fully customized report. On the hardware console, you can drill down further by filtering data, adding or removing columns, and sorting the data in columns.

As with the default hardware lifecycle reports, custom reports can also be scheduled for automatic delivery to clients.


To personalize your Scheduled Reports email template, navigate to account settings by clicking Settings in your left-hand navigation bar and clicking the Scheduled Reports tab.

Use the listed template variables to personalize your email template.

See the How to edit the account level Scheduled Reports email template and the How to edit client-specific Scheduled Reports for additional information.

Currently, only the Hardware Lifecycle Report is available for scheduling.


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