Introduction to Two-Way Syncing

This article describes how Lifecycle Manager can automatically push updated warranty information back into your remote systems.

Lifecycle Manager never pushes dates from one integration into another.

  • For example, if there's a date present in IT Glue, we will not push it to another integration like ConnectWise Manage.

In-app edited dates - If you use our In-app edit feature to manually edit purchase/expiry dates, and you have Two-Way Sync enabled, Lifecycle Manager will push these manually edited dates back into your remote systems.

Integrations supporting Two-Way Sync

This is a list of integrations that currently support Two-Way Sync with Lifecycle Manager.

How to enable Two-Way Sync

Enabling Two-Way Sync for each integration is as simple as checking a box or two. In the screenshot below, we're using ConnectWise Manage as an example.

  1. Navigate to Settings Integrations

  2. Select the integration where you'd like to enable Two-Way Sync

  3. Scroll down to the Enable Two-Way Sync Fields (optional) section

  4. Select the respective box(es) to have Two-Way Sync enabled for these fields

  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to apply your changes

Once you've followed the listed steps for your integration(s), Two-Way Sync should be successfully enabled.